Your First Visit

Salem Oncology Centre Waiting Room

During your initial visit to Salem Oncology Center, your medical history will be taken and a physical examination will be performed by Dr. Salem. He will order appropriate tests and later review the test results with you in person. If you are referred to us by another physician, we will send a typed summary of your visit with Dr. Salem to your doctor, and if you need to take medical documents home with you, we will provide them for you.

We coordinate all outpatient testing and use the highest-quality laboratory, pathology, and radiology facilities. For outpatient chemotherapy, we arrange quiet, private rooms in our outpatient center.

What You Will Need

  • Pathology slides and paraffin blocks, as well as the pathology report. It is important to bring both the slides and blocks to enable a more accurate confirmation of diagnosis. Paraffin blocks contain additional tissue that is critical for special stains. These blocks are different from slides and do not break, as slides sometimes do. You must bring both slides and paraffin blocks because it is important for pinpointing a definitive diagnosis, which in turn is essential for planning your treatment.
  • All actual x-ray films and x-ray reports.
  • All medical reports and documents, including a recent medical report from your doctor.
  • Insurance card.
  • Financial deposit (please see Financial Information section). Please do not leave your city, state, or country of origin before you obtain financial clearance from our Business Office.
  • A list of questions or concerns regarding your condition.


We view the patient-physician relationship as one of trust and confidentiality. Your medical condition will be discussed only with you or your designated representative, and your written release will be required before any medical information is provided to outside parties.

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