The Human Dimension

Dr. Salem in the Salem Oncology Centre facilityHumaneness is the essence of medicine. Medical care has to be delivered with knowledge and love. Either one alone is dangerous and inadequate. The major challenge now in America is to provide humaneness in medicine. The reason that humaneness is less a part of medical care now in many parts of the world is because doctors and nurses have become extremely busy dealing with large volumes of patients. In addition, the doctors and nurses may be trained with little emphasis on the role of love and compassion in the treatment of patients. We are proud to say that we deliver medical care in a milieu of humaneness and love.

Several factors highlight our dedication to the human dimension at Salem Oncology:

  1. Doctors and staff at Salem Oncology Center are acutely sensitive to the psychological and emotional needs of patients, and they are there to provide love and compassion at all times. This is a time-consuming type of practice, but we emphasize again and again that we take all the time needed to provide love, compassion, and humaneness, because we believe that these are integral components of therapy. They are indeed the essence of therapy.
  2. Our staff addresses the issues of fear, anxiety, confusion, and suffering. We do not refer our patients to psychologists when we can solve these problems. Most of the psychological and emotional problems that patients have are natural responses to life-threatening diseases. We refer patients to psychologists and psychiatrists only in the rare case in which we feel the need to do so.
  3. Established patients do not need to schedule specific appointments when they need to discuss issues with doctors and staff. They can come to the clinic at any time and see a nurse or a doctor they know well, who is ready to sit down and discuss issues with them.
  4. We provide a home atmosphere in the clinic. We are proud that even when patients do not have chemotherapy to receive, and do not have a medical reason to come, they still come to the clinic to talk to other patients or simply to talk to staff. The clinic is indeed home to them.
  5. The personable, family-oriented, and home-like atmosphere in the clinic is one of our attributes. I strongly believe that science, and specifically medical science, needs to be humanized and custom-made for the specific patient.
  6. This personal care extends beyond the patient; our staff stands ready to also address the needs of the family and friends of patients.
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