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Dr. Phillip Salem - Patient CareDr. Salem champions a major movement in America to humanize cancer medicine. He feels that the explosion in scientific knowledge has diminished the human dimension . He embraces the philosophy that in medicine, you treat people, not diseases. Therefore, when you treat cancer, you must treat the whole patient.

Dr. Salem believes that cancer therapy must be delivered in a very meticulous way and that patients should be monitored almost daily. Attention to details makes all the difference—sometimes the difference between life and death.

  • “Physicians never treat diseases; they always treat people who have diseases.”

    - Dr. Philip A. Salem, M.D. -

  • “My life has been a continuing daily struggle to conquer a vicious enemy called cancer.”

    - Dr. Philip A. Salem, M.D. -

  • “In spite of advancements in technology and in science, medicine will certainly fail should physicians lose compassion, caring, and the ability to love.”

    - Dr. Philip A. Salem, M.D. -

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